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International Women's Day

It’s march, and we know what time of the year this is. It’s women’s day people, and it’s the perfect time to show our respect, love and devotion towards these special blessings in our lives.

However, this should not be the only day to celebrate and show them your love; they deserve to feel special everyday.

Our society has always been patriarchal, and while the conditions of women are better compared to few decades ago, there is still a lot we can do with little bit of individual effort. While most of us, are quite vocal on social medias about women’s rights and gender equality, we don’t quite live by our own words.

And, this women’s day, we, at Picovico, are hoping that you will do something special for the women in your lives.


Women, whether they be mothers, wives, sisters, lovers, friends, all of them are constantly caring about men in their lives. They are the more sensitive of beings and they constantly put in lot of effort to make sure everything is well.

How about let’s just let them feel little bit special this women’s day?

Little things matter

A simple act like doing some of their chores will give them a much needed relaxing time. While you’re at it, buy her some flowers, gift her – her favorite chocolate, take her out for a short trip. These little things do matter and you will definitely be pleasing her the right way.

Also, these aren’t just to please your lover either. Mothers and sisters are just as much deserving of your love and kindness.

Of course, it’s not to say that you shouldn’t go extravagant to let your women feel special. By all means, go all out and do what you can. Just make sure you make her happy.

A Special Video

Another simple yet extremely meaningful gesture you can do is to create a special video for her. Happiness and memories often go hand in hand. And these days, the best way to look back at the memories are photos and videos.

Use Picovico to create an awesome video this women’s day, to show every women in your life how much you love them.

You could just randomly throw in images and our web tool will automatically compile it into a video, which means you do not need to spend any great deal of money to buy some expensive video-editing software or fancy video-cameras.

Or, you could also create your own stories through the photos you want in your video. So, exploring your creativity will be highly important. All in all, the women in your lives will definitely appreciate your warm gesture of creating a Special video for them.

P.s. create separate videos for each individual, so that they will feel extra special. *winks*

Social Message

As an individual or as an organization, if you want to create a social message on the occasion of women’s day, there is hardly any better way to do it than through a Video. While blogs and images will bounce around a good deal, research has shown that Videos gain the maximum reach compared to any other forms of content on the internet.

There are quite a few ways to go about your content through videos. If your target is to create short advertisement like videos mostly published on Facebook and other social medias, we suggest Slideshow Videos.

With picovico, you can create neat videos by simply uploading photos, adding music and putting together captions. Our user friendly web tool will take care of everything.

P.s. Even international organizations like WHO, UNESCO often create slideshow videos to give out information and promote events using web applications like Picovico.

If you need any help regarding the video creation process, whether to create videos for women in your lives or to send out special messages through social media, let us know in the comments or at

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