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Birthdays are special, be it your own or of the people you are close with. And it’s worth making the most out of this special day.

best birthday gift

The best part of birthdays are the gifts you give and receive (besides the birthday cake of course!). The gifts need not necessarily be material ones. Rather, it should be the one that portrays the emotion of the one giving it. And what better than gifting a birthday slideshow video.

Slideshow videos make the best birthday gifts as they are quick in the making and a unique gift. You can share a lot of emotions (smiles, laughter, tears) with a single birthday slideshow. But that’s not the only reason slideshow videos make the best gifts for the birthday of your loved one.

In our previous blog, we already discussed about how unique a birthday slideshow video can be. Now, let’s see why they serve as the best gift for birthdays.

A gift of sweet memories:

On the birthday of a loved one, we always want to give them a special gift. What better than compiling all the sweet moments that the two of you or your group of people have spent together. You can not only reminisce those moments but also evoke happiness among the people.  

An easy to create gift:

With Picovico you can create your slideshow video within minutes. Making a video slideshow doesn’t require the maker to be a tech savvy person or a tech guru. The only thing required of you is choose some great pictures that depict the special memories that the two of you share.

Viewable on lower bandwidth & quick production:

Slideshow videos are lightweight and can be viewed over networks with lower bandwidth. Additionally, these videos can be produced in a short time span. The video will be created within 5 minutes of hitting that “Make Video” button.

Low Production Cost:

Your slideshow video can be made in a very low cost. While other gifts can cost a lot more a birthday slideshow video only cost up to a dollar or two. A slideshow video as a birthday gift is easy to make as well as affordable.

Additionally, the gift can be delivered at midnight and it doesn’t require you to be physically present at the time. The birthday slideshow can be gifted in a personalized website or in a pen drive/CD to materialize it. The slideshow can be created day in day out as Picovico is an online slideshow maker or you can opt for the Picovico app on Android smart phones.

Get yourselves the best gift for a birthday slideshow video to share the birthday joy. Spread smiles on the face of your loved one on their birthday as well as all invited in the celebration.

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