A photo captures a moment and freezes the emotion in it, but a video helps you unfreeze that emotion and re-live it. What if you could also free emotions captured by your photo and tell a story through it? Picovico – an online slideshow maker helps you make this happen as beautifully as you can imagine. This is why Picovico holds value among photographers.

picovico for photographers

Picovico is a tool that helps you transform pictures, text and music into a polished video. Having many free and premium styles as a platform to create a video, this online slideshow video maker is an ideal tool to tell stories effortlessly and in a meaningful way. The process of making video completes in simple four steps: adding photos, selecting style, selecting music and creating the video, generally taking just one minute!

Let’s explore more into what makes Picovico an unavoidable if you are a photographer:

1. Create emotional value

As they say, if a picture says thousand words, then a video is priceless. Picovico helps you bring together your photos and tell the story behind it. Moreover, Picovico allows you to use texts to describe moments captured in your photos, use music that syncs to the mood of that moment and apply beautiful styles to make video that enhance the beauty of your photos. While,a photo can only capture your visual sense, a video made using Picovico helps you tap into visual and auditory senses which increases the impact of your work. Thus, Picovico allows you to create a stronger connection and generate emotional value.

2. Build your portfolio

If you are a photographer, your photos define most about your work. Here, Picovico helps you use your best works to create a beautiful slideshow video and showcase your creativity even better. For instance: creating your video business card or photo catalog are some creative uses of Picovico. A video helps you create better engagement of your customer, clients, and fans in your work and make it more visible.

3. Competitive features

Picovico stands out because of its competitive and impressive features that can immensely benefit photographers. You can get a theme specially designed to your needs, share videos on social media even without Picovico watermark appearing anywhere. You can create unlimited high definition videos and export it to your device for offline viewing or export it directly to YouTube and Facebook.

If you are a photographer who loves telling stories, who wants to connect to more people through his/her works creatively, Picovico, which also makes this effortless for you, is your best choice. Explore more on the photography page.

So, what are you waiting for? Create your very first video NOW!

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