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Stories are basically famous in social networking sites. We know Snapchat stories, Instagram stories, Facebook stories and so on. But what actually are these stories? Merely a reference to what we’ve been doing in our everyday life? Yes, exactly! This is where Picovico thought of coming up with video stories for its users.


Everyday, something new is happening in each of our lives; like, a new life is born to the family, we become a part of some wedding, reception, funeral, we experience promotion, we find love or rejection and so on. These events make an important impact in our lives. We become emotionally attached to these life events. Thus, we tend to share it with our family, friends and loved ones.

Stories, in this case, is an easy way to share these everyday events. In Picovico, we have a list a special events that’s important to almost all our users. Events like birthdays, wedding, party, funeral, etc., that requires your special attention in video making, is our major priority.

What’s good about Stories?

Primarily, stories help you save your time and effort. Creating videos might be a time consuming task when you don’t have a pre-defined storyline or say, when you don’t know how or where to begin with. It is also possible that you waste a lot of time figuring out the best position for your photos/text and build a nice story on your own.

select stories

Stories are constructed on a typical baseline so that users do not have to think much about what will make the videos look pretty and informative. Every slide is set in such a way that if you only change the dummy data dates, venue and name/s of event organizer (if any) and create the video, it will work for you. If you like, you can replace existing photos or add new ones to the video, to customize it in your way.

So basically, it saves a lot of your time and effort in coming up with the video.

Our offerings

For now, we are offering stories for events like First Birthday, Save the Date, Office Party, Wedding and Reception.  We also have some important ones on the list, which will be available to the users soon.

You can take a look at some of the sample story templates below:

Create video with this story


Create video with this story

Having said to guarantee an easy and fast video making experience, we at Picovico, couldn’t stay away from our motive to simplify your video making practice. And ultimately, came up with this easier form of video making to reduce every possible effort in your video making. We hope that you like it and we also believe that you are using the most out of this feature by creating instant videos within minutes.

Should you have any suggestions on what we can come up next with our stories, do leave us a comment in the comment section below, we would be happy to consider some nice feedback in our next upgrade.


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