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There are a lot of good options you can choose from to give someone you love a great birthday gift. But we would recommend you give them the gift of memories – videos, they are the best birthday gifts.

You have chosen to gift your loved one a Picovico video for their birthday. Like anyone new to making videos you are not sure what to include, where do you start from and how to make a big finale that not only the birthday boy or the birthday girl.

It’s fine if you are not sure of the whats and hows to making the perfect videos because simply putting together a few pictures and saying Happy Birthday just doesn’t cut it anymore. That’s where we and this blog comes in. We have listed a few pointers that should let you make the perfect video with Picovico.

  • On the type of video you make
    You are not just making a birthday video, so you can choose to make it a timeline or a greeting or a birthday card video.

    • Timeline video: Start from the day you met them or the day they were born (you can always skip to the time you met them). Continue the video in a sequence.
    • Greetings video: Greeting Videos are tricky. You can make it a story video or a general video greeting your friend.
    • Card Video: If you plan on making it a birthday video card then we would suggest making it simple. Use minimal texts and more photos to get your idea across.


  • Add a little zing!
    • Quotes: Adding a quote here or there adds a breath of fresh air to your video. Choose a quote that perfectly describes your relationship to the receiver of the video. For example – the secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age – in a funny birthday video.
    • Storyline: Your storyline doesn’t have to be a completely fictional one nor does it have to only be based on true events. It can just be a web of both fiction and true points. Do not think oh what a hassle, because in the end what you want to do is not only to give a great gift but also leave a little bit of the relationship you have in the video.
    • Reasons you love them: You see people telling each other why they love each other left and right these days. Take the concept and make it your own. List out the reasons along with the pictures or videos that depict the same.


  • On the tone of the video
    You hold the key to making this birthday video the best one. Choose to make it funny, emotional or a serious one.
    Pick a tone that best fits and describes the nature of your relationships. Maybe make it a quirky and funny video for your friend, an emotional one for your mother or senior and a little more formal approach for your colleagues.


  • Use voice-overs
    You can literally say what you want in your birthday video with voice-overs. Add more depth to your birthday with a voice over on your birthday video. Saying everything you want in-person is far more personal and fun. It could be you narrating what is happening in the picture or it could be small things you haven’t been able to tell them in person.

Keeping in tune with the trend you have chosen to give your loved one the gift of love, time and memories. Why would you want to make it a boring birthday video, when there is so much you can do to make it a hundred times better?

We hope this blog has given you an idea of what should go into the next birthday video you make. Which of these ideas would you incorporate in your videos next?

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