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We love taking pictures of the various celebrations we are present in and probably have a huge gallery full of pictures. This is mostly so because we enjoy reliving the moments’ event the bad candid ones have a story behind it

Having said this you are not going to post every one of them on your social media or hand it all out to the people who want the pictures. Not only does the pile have pictures people do not need it is also exhausting to keep scrolling to find your picture. The simple solution for the lazy bug in us is a Birthday Recap Video.

What is a Recap video you ask? Recap Video is basically a video of people enjoying themselves at a birthday party- yours or their own.

Birthday recap videos aren’t all So, what do you say in a birthday recap video?

Here are a few ideas you can incorporate in your birthday recap videos to make them even more interesting.

  • Plan it out
    Okay so while most people make this impromptu video, we would suggest you plan to make a video. There are endless possibilities of footage you can get from the birthday party if you plan it out. You can do a walkthrough video of the place prior to the party and after the party or talk to the people have tons of content to choose from.
  • Interesting little clips
    These pictures or videos will all be spontaneous. Interesting pictures from the photographer or the people at the party. It could be anything from a perfect shot at the beer pong table or a great chug, the birthday girl/boy receiving or opening a gift.
  • Videos and Voiceovers
    In the generation where people prefer videos to still and texts, they also create the same type of content. Unlike the previous generation where pictures were big people are constantly looking to capture something like a video. So you can make your recap video a series of short videos clips and add fun voice overlays over it.  
  • Commentary
    Personalize the recap video with your commentary. It can be the picture is of the birthday boy tearing the gift wrapper off, you could put up the caption “Ohh what is it going to be?” or “If I were to guess he is getting a packet of socks.”
    Your comments could be quirky or serious or an emotional one just has to have you in it and the video is going to be a smashing hit.
    P.S. keep in mind that what you find quirky could very well be inappropriate for others.  
  • A note of thanks
    I would suggest this come at the tail end of your video. This one is just a note of thanks to everyone for being at the party and making it a smashing one. It always feels good to be appreciated and being appreciated for having fun is a bonus.

Birthdays parties are a very fun and re-memorable event for the birthday boy/girl and the guests alike. There will be pictures and videos of the videos. What better way to browse through all of that than with a video?

So get those pictures and start making videos. The birthday recap video need not be of the current year so you do need not to wait to make one if you are going to say I have a birthday coming up so I will make it after. You can easily make that of a one you had 3 years, 5 years or even 10 years ago. It’s all up to you.

So tell us which of these tips will you implement in your next Picovico Recap Video?

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