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Weddings are amongst one of the biggest milestones a person experiences in his/her life. The day itself is filled with wonder, excitement, love and laughter. But a lot of strings have to be tied together to pull off a perfect wedding. Hence, the emotion people feel the most during marriage, besides happiness is stress. The want for a perfect big day is stressful and requires plentiful work. And even small efforts, like a minor reform in the invitation card, will be onerous.

Save the date

We, at Picovico, are looking to reduce the same stress and hassle with our SAVE THE DATE story.

‘Save the Date’ Story, unlike other story templates, is a story based on a brand new theme. This story is to be used exclusively to create your save the date videos. It aims to become the video replacement of your conventional wedding invitations.

Save the Date is a exquisite theme that will take all the information and share it in a graceful symphony. Let the details of the day blossom like your love has! Inviting guests to your wedding may never have been this easy.

A few things you need to keep in mind while you choose this story:

  1. Save the Date is a fixed template story. Every aspect of the story is fixed from the number of images and text slide to the timing of the slides.
  2. You can only add 5 photos of you and your fiance.
  3. To get the best of this style, go with the flow of information as given in the story.
  4. You can always change/add the music you think will best suit your video invitation.
  5. The story will be rendered in 720p and Full HD quality only.

Watch the story unfold in the sample video.

send an invite with ‘Save the Date’!

Add spunk and character in the way you invite guests on your wedding with our “Save the Date” Story.


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