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Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have already made its footprint to the holiday season. Holidays are an ideal time of the year to approach your customers to express genuine appreciation and spread holiday cheer. And what could be better way to express them than a VIDEO?


From Harlem Shake videos to Bun Drop videos (trending on Instagram), we have seen videos surge through the online market. However, there’s a difference between simply knowing/watching about the power of videos and actually using them to connect with your audience.

This holiday season, give some extra attention to your customers and show them that you care with some amazing holiday videos. Below we have listed 3 most popular types of holiday videos.

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1. Holiday greeting

Show your love, care and gratefulness by thanking your customers in the video you create. Wish them warmest greetings and best wishes for New Year.  Your effort will definitely make your customer feel special. Here’s a sample video that we created for our users.

2. Party Recap

Most companies never miss Holiday parties and they should not as well. It not only makes the employees feel entertained but also makes them feel special, connected and cared. Why not create a highlight reel of the occasion and share it to show your company’s unique personality? Below we have created a video highlighting how we have celebrated Christmas last year.

3. Year in review

If you are thinking of letting your customers know about major events, product launches or things that happened at your company, then ‘Year in Review’ video idea will blend in perfectly. Check out how we have created a video highlighting the major successes that we have achieved in the year 2016.

So, which of the above holiday video ideas would you choose to connect with your customers? Also, since it’s holiday season, do not forget to choose video styles that connect to holiday theme. For you ease, we have top 6 recommended video styles for this holiday season.

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