Why video is a must on the landing page of your website

As soon as people land on your page, they want to know who you are and what your website is all about? And they have a remarkably short attention span for it. 8 seconds to be precise.

So as soon as someone has landed on your website, you have these few seconds to get your audience hooked and browsing into your website. And if you can do that with, say – 3 words, great, but if not, you are going to plan out your landing page completely.

In 2017 nothing beats video contents, whether it’s for marketing your brand on social media or just introducing yourself on your landing page.

Has video yielded any significant outcomes to consider making a video for every landing page?

The answer is yes.

If you go on any popular website, whether it’s a new site like Buzzfeed, or any application that is widely popular, one thing they all have in common is the use of video on the landing page. And it’s not just one page either, these successful platforms have experimented and figured out what works and what doesn’t.

The Result?

They have a video on each of their landing page curated for the audience that are most likely to visit those pages. For instance, a website would have different video with simpler language on their Entertainment page in comparison to their Science and Technology page.

If you need any more convincing, here is what happens in 3 points.

  • People prefer watching videos to reading. As a result, people spend more time on your website, which will obviously increase if you can properly convey what your product is about.
  • Having an individual from your company appear in the video to introduce the company would also increase the test factor. This has been tested and proven by countless companies. Remember this company called DOLLAR SHAVE CLUB? All it took was one video to become a hit.
    Here’s how Dollar Shave Club turned became a billion dollar company with a simple video ad.
  • If your video is entertaining or informative, your audience is more likely to share the video in comparison to a blog.

How will Video create measurable ROI for you?

Earlier we mentioned how every top site, such as Buzzfeed uses video on their landing pages. Now, the form of video they use is quite different to what you might need. Since buzzfeed is a news site, they use videos that highlight top story or news of the day.

If you have a similar site where your main goal is to gain traffic, any kind of video that attracts interest and increases traffic will work.

However, if you’ve a certain product or service you are selling through your website, then you’ll need to create different kinds of videos.

You’ll need to decide on certain things such as what is the first thing you want your audience (potential customers) to know.

On a landing page, you could create a simple video, where you just introduce yourself and the company, or you could start by showing the usefulness of your product. Not everything works on everyone, and you’ll need to do your own experiments to figure out what works and doesn’t work for you.

Even while you’re starting out from the scratch, make sure that you are conveying what you want. And experimenting with different videos doesn’t necessarily mean jumping ship onto different ideas altogether. It’s all about finding new ways of conveying the same idea through different videos.

Making Professional Videos can be Costly

Making professional videos isn’t within everyone’s reach with the amount of resources it might take. Not everyone has the skills required to create a complete video on their own, and it can be quite expensive to hire a professional videographer.

So, what’s the alternative?

Doing it on your own obviously. But, you will have to convince yourself that 4k Videos designed by professionals isn’t the only thing that can yield ROI. And this is true.

Just look at all the slideshow videos being shared on social media. Top brands are even paying to boost their videos across social media, and that’s because slideshow videos are the most watched forms of videos on the internet.

  • Slideshow videos can be watched anywhere and everywhere.
  • They are lightweight, buffer fast.

While there are plenty of these technical reasons, only one you really need to know is that people seem to enjoy it. Slideshow videos can be informative and entertaining at the same time, and it won’t cost you thousands to make.

Actually right now, the cost of making a slideshow video is as little as $12, and not just for one video either.

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All you need to do is upload photos, music and add text to properly tell your story.

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