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Videos better than Ecards

Ecards are digital version of greeting cards sent via email or any other messaging service. Ecards have been around almost since the dawn of Email service and back in the day they were of high importance. People usually send ecards to their lover, friends and family who live far away out of physical reach, on occasions like birthday, valentine’s day, Christmas and so on.

Ecards certainly helped people feel closer.

However, the trend is slowly dying these days because there is something better that allows people to feel closer over internet. And that’s videos. Videos, different to ecards, convey a stronger message and also requires bit of effort compared to ecards making them all the more special.

Why Videos are better than Ecards?

While ecards do generally allow people to add texts and even photos, they are still only able to convey so much. Video on the other hand opens a whole different portal to conveying the message you please.

Videos sound to be in a completely different league than Ecards, and creating a personalized video message isn’t everyone’s cup of tea since it might require high quality, expensive gadgets and video editing skills. However, luckily for you, we are not talking about hollywood quality videos here.

SLIDESHOW VIDEOS are as good as any videos out there when it comes to conveying your message, provided you do it right. And making slideshow videos does not require for you to spend hours learning video editing skills. With tool like Picovico, you easily create a slideshow video you desire within minutes. And it won’t be a boring flock of images either.

Picovico offers wide variety of pre-loaded video themes which you feature in the videos you create.

You can also add captions to your photos, create text slides, and the music of your choice in the video. The combination of photos, music and right set of words will make your video as good as anything out there.

Now imagine wishing your lover seven seas away on a valentine’s day. Not only will you be able to wish valentine’s day, you can also create memories video, timeline video, and much more.

Wish your Valentine with a Memorable Video

Valentine’s day is right around the corner, and you should definitely consider making a romantic video for the love in your life. Your need not necessarily be in a long distance relationship either. The fact that videos are now an internet trend should be reason enough for you to make one, but it’s also a brilliant way to show someone how special they are in your life.

Valentine Day Video Ideas

If you are new to making videos you might be lost on ideas even though you know the basic know-how on using out web application Picovico.

So, here are some video making ideas to help you get started. Think of these as story-ideas to help you get started.

Memories video

To create a memories video, you can gather photos of you and your valentine and create a photo montage via picovico. With right choice of captions and music, this could be a romantic memories slideshow video to remind your loved one of the amazing relationship you have had over time.

Timeline Video

Love is all about accepting other person for the way they are. You could show this in a valentine’s day video. For this, you need to gather your other half’s photos from ever since they were a kid. Then you place them in the video serially. The idea you are trying to convey is that you love them and admire how they have grown into such an amazing human being. So choose your music and words accordingly.


There are plenty of other ideas you can look into, from a simple meme video to a romantic video about your last vacation. It’s all about getting creative. And your other half will definitely be highly receptive of your gesture.

So, register now. Have a look at this tutorial, if you need further help on creating your valentine’s day slideshow video.

What do you think about valentine day videos over ecards? Let us know in the comments below.

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