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Time wings have taken a flap and spun around the year bringing us back to the season enchanted with the aroma of love. Yes, this is the time of the year when everyone is drenched in the love rain, and the love cupids are fairly active. Though the new/young couples be more enthusiastic, Valentine’s holds equal significance for every idealistic couple.


Like every year, we at Picovico have come up with new thoughts and ideas for this Valentine’s as well. This time, you have a complete four different styles that can be used to create personalized love messages for your beloved.

Valentine’s Day

This theme is all about love. Loving someone and being loved is a special feeling that every pair can relate. Here, we’ve tried to set a structure to embrace your couple pictures and videos in a romantic frame with supporting elements like heart, flowers and lovebirds in the background.   

This style is an exact match for a sweet, romantic and lovey dovey Valentine’s Day video.

Make video in this style


There’s nothing better on this earth than a soul that you can connect with each other. If you want to create a video for your soulmate then this is your choice. The lights and love elements in the style are set in such a way to give the best impression and companionship to your photographs.

Make video in this style

Nuptial Bliss

Your love memories and time spent together deserves a prettier frame than something average. This theme helps repaint the beautiful memories and visuals of your happily ever after and adorns it with a romantic touch.

Make video in this style

Just Married

This is for all those romantic married couples who are willing to express their love for partners.  Celebrate your love life and conjugal memories with effortless grace in this style embellished with effervescent hearts and red spheres.

Make video in this style

Recall well spent memories of love and affection in a video story and share it with that special person in your life. Turn your photos and video-clips to amazing video with Picovico.

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