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Valentine Day Gift Ideas for Him

Valentine’s day is here ladies, and it’s the perfect day to make your man feel special. Have you been on the lookout for the best valentine gift for your guy? You’ve come to the right place, and here we have some amazing gift ideas for your special guy.


Most guys don’t particularly like shopping, or at least they don’t shop much. So, he would definitely be welcoming to whatever you get for him. For instance, you could buy a Tshirt and have his favorite sport club, favorite music band, etc, all printed into one. That would definitely be a special gift.

Shaving Kit

Shaving kit is one of those things in a man’s life, where there is always something better out there, but he is too used-to and attached to what he has. So, this gift would definitely give him the opportunity to try something new.

Video Games

Most guys love video games. If your man isn’t any different, a gaming console such as PS4, Xbox, or game CDs could be an amazing gift. Just make sure that he doesn’t already have what you’re getting for him. You might even make him cry with this one, as stereotypically, girlfriends are regarded to be opposing of guys playing video games.

Tickets to his Favorite Sports or Music Show

Does he have a favorite sport he loves watching? Perhaps a band he’s always wanted to see live? If yes, then tickets to his favorite show or game could also be a thoughtful gift.

Custom printed Coffee Mug

One thing a coffee lover will never tire out of is an amazing coffee mug. Give your man an awesome coffee mug and throw away those boring old ones. Again, it’s time to put some thought into things he would most enjoy watching while having coffee. Preferably, you might want to go with a print of something that will instantly cheer him up early in the morning.

Something to Get him Motivated

We, as human beings always want to better ourselves, but sadly, we have more excuses than desire. So, this is the perfect opportunity for you to help him. Has he been complaining about his weight lately? Get him a gym membership, or a pair of running shoes. It doesn’t just have to be about physical betterment either. You could buy him that guitar lesson he’s been talking about forever.

Valentine day Video to make him feel Special

Guys have feelings too, and it’s nice to tap into those emotions once in awhile. You will find videos work wonders when you’re trying to compile all your memories and emotions into a single thing. Often, we aren’t able to say what we want the way we want it. And those emotions do come out beautifully in a video.

You could make a valentine day video too and show him how special he is. Don’t worry about not being tech savvy. Picovico has remarkably simplified the art of video making.

If you take a time to look at this short tutorial here, How to make a Valentine day Video with Picovico, you’ll see how it is and have your video ready within the matter of minutes.

Do you need any help making the videos? Do you have a personal experience of making a memorable video for your loved one? Share your experience with us on the comments below.

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