With this blog post, we formally announce the release of the latest version of our commercial API – version 2.7. This also marks the official shutdown of all our previous API versions ranging from v2.1 to v2.5.

With the latest version, video making is now simplified to three HTTP requests only – Authentication, JSON Definition, Rendering.

About Picovico Video Maker API –
Picovico API 2.7 makes it easy to create advanced slideshow videos with greater features on your very own platform, be it web, android or iOS. It is quick (3 step HTTP request) and easy solution to your corporate video requirements. It is an easy commercial B2B solution for white labeled videos. The API can be used for different purpose from brand awareness to increasing user engagement to compliment giveaways.

The latest upgrade has all the new features of the web application (designed for direct customers) included in it. The major highlights of API 2.7 are:

  • Videoclips
  • Longer videos
  • Voice over audio
  • Custom Logo
  • Custom Styles

Learn more about the API pricing: app.picovico.com/plans/api

Want to try video making ? Check the detailed API documentation here.

Seeking for partnership? Do you want to discuss on your specific requirements ? Contact us at developers@picovico.com

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