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The most intense and emotional sign of the zodiac, Scorpio, are born between 23rd October and 21st November.

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Scorpions (both men and women) are intelligent, passionate but also possessive and sometimes vindictive. Therefore, when selecting a gift for a Scorpio the first thing you need to know is their characteristic. Choose a gift that goes well with their character and they will actually admire your efforts in coming up with the gift.

Scorpions love receiving gifts so much that many times, they get gifts for themselves. Their favorite form of gift is to receive one without any occasion. But it is certain that they will expect gifts from loved ones on special occasions like Birthdays.

While choosing gifts for your Scorpion, keep in mind of their personality. Scorpions affinity towards dark and mysterious things will want you to go for not so easy gifts; for instance, a gift that requires puzzle solving.

With water as their element, they will also enjoy gifts that are associated with water. Regarding colors, they prefer dark, rich and bold colors like maroon, garnet and black.

If you’re still wondering about the possible gifts that will make a perfect one, here are few suggestions to help you out.

Accessories that define their character

Since Scorpions are mysterious people, they like accessories that can relate to their personality. Yes, they are rather particular about their accessories. Accessories like sunglasses, a large filmy hat or a scarf can let them hide their personality and make people wonder about them as they love being capricious. But while you get these for them, make sure that you choose a dark, moody color and no bright primary colors! A dark trench coat will also get them walking on air.


Some best seller classic thriller movies can make the list. Scorpions love crime stories and thrillers. They also love to read dark and mysterious subject so you can also get them a book which have the thrilling essence with an obscure core. Your Scorpio will definitely find it interesting.

Help them relax

Since they are intensely private, they tend to bottle up things limiting to themselves and can become obsessive at times. What you can do is help them relax a weekend away. They like being kept busy so a resort with facilities for sport and spa would be perfect. They can simply knock off their worries and involve in activities that refreshes their mind.

Personalized gifts

The obscure personality of the Scorpions indeed is something they would not like to discuss in public. So gift them a private video-gift that includes your best memories with them. You may also consider creating a timeline story out of their pictures from the past till present. They will love to see the visible changes that time has brought about in them and cherish it secretly on their own. Do make sure to keep it a secret gift by adjusting the privacy settings of the video correctly. Adjusting video privacy is possible with Picovico.

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Scorpio always likes to look their best and will never let a stone unturned in coming up with the best outfit. But again, while you are selecting a gift for them, make sure the colors are right. Avoid bright yellows or greens. They are also happy to take cash and go shopping for themselves. This way no one will know what they choose for themselves and it will remain a secret to everyone else.

You can also gift some luxury items like scented candles, bath bombs, rich and sensual fragrance, soft luxurious fabrics, nice leather boots, and anything classy.

Although Scorpions are one of the most difficult zodiac among the twelve signs, their love for gifts is incredible. As they enjoy the mystery behind the gift, consider hiding it inside a wrapper. They actually love unrolling their gifts. Since they want to relish the gift alone, this maybe the reason why they are willing to open it up in private. So, if possible, get them an ambiance to fully cherish their present.

We’d like to learn if these ideas worked for you. Do share your experience with us in the comment section below.


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