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Wedding is amongst the colossal events in a person’s life. The day brimming with emotions, like wonder, excitement, love and laughter, all captured in picture and video memories. While some of those might be the posed shots, others might be the perfectly timed hilarious behind the scenes shots. Posed or candid wedding memories are all very special.  

This wedding season has seen many nuptials and with each of them comes countless photo and video memories. And Picovico has always aimed to be your go to for videos in weddings. Be it save the date videos, invitation videos, rehearsal videos or album videos.

We are delighted to announce that we finally have two new style dedicated to replaying the memories you created on your big day – “Just Married” and “Nuptial Bliss”.

Just Married

Just Married is a subtle yet sumptuous wedding album specially designed to flaunt your big day. Let your wedding moments flourish, like your love, onto the screen. The soft burst of peach balls and little hearts are the extra sprinkles of love on the pictures and video clips of your big day.

Take a look at the sample video of Just Married and make one for yourself.

Create a wedding album with Just Married!

Nuptial Bliss

Nuptial Bliss is anything but your quintessential wedding album. Similar to Just Married, Nuptial Bliss lets your wedding memories splash onto your screen. But the face intelligent feature in Nuptial Bliss makes the newly wedded couple the center of attention in this theme, embellished with red spheres and hearts.

Check out the sample video of Nuptial Bliss and make one.

Create a wedding album with Just Married!

You or your friends might want to relive those beautiful days yet again whether the big day was yesterday or a few months to years ago. Let people relish the big “I Do” moment in a beautiful video.

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