Dads hold an equally special place in our hearts as our moms. Moms are our care bear and dads are our guiding light who show us the way. Everybody needs and has a father or a father figure who deserves to be cherished on his big day – the Father’s Day (June 19th).

fathers day gift ideas

With Father’s Day less than a week away, you must have figured to get your big man a great gift. Even if you haven’t, we have you covered. And we aren’t going to suggest a tie, sock or a t-shirt but a simple and melt his heart video.

You must be thinking why a video as a gift for Father’s Day? Well, dads seem to be cool and less emotional than mothers, but they really aren’t. Our fathers are our rock and not as expressive as our mothers – there are some exceptions – but they also love gifts that are heart-warming and have a personal touch to them.    

For the people having an idea crunch, here are four exciting ideas that you can incorporate to make an amazing gift this Father’s Day!

1. Flashback video

Think back to all those amazing times you have had with your dad. Gather the pictures of you and your dad that highlights some proud, fun (or even embarrassing) moment. You can then simply upload them to Picovico app, arrange and add your captions or text slides along and Ta Da! an amazing video with beautiful memory reservoir awaits to gift your dad.

2. My Superhero Video

Dads are the most ordinary men turned by love into adventurers, storytellers and singers. In short they are our real heros. They assume whatever role we want them to. Show that you appreciate him just as he is and will always be with a video of that represents what he means to you with Picovico.

3. Thank you video

We have given “Thank You” cards to our dads for the lack of a better gift. This year, why don’t you try the same in a more personalized way? Dads do a lot for us. They have been there for us through our thick and thin and always believed in us. So, this year take 5 minutes to make him a thank you video with Picovico.  

4. Father to father video

Are you anxious what your kids are getting you this Father’s Day? So is your father! Surprise him with a beautiful video presenting your love in a soothing package. Dive into the stack of old pictures that best portray your love for him and relive those memories with Picovico.

We hope you’ll definitely pick up an idea or two to make a super slideshow video for your superhero. It will only take a few minutes to make a video that you can enjoy for a lifetime.

What other ideas would you use to make a video gift for your dad? Do let us know on the comments below.

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