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The twinkling lights, the carol music, the crowded streets, the smell of cookies (in the making), the snowfall and the cold weather are signs for approaching holiday season. All these small things make every festive lovers feel joyous inside-out.

And to add flavors to this merry season, we’ve brought you a brand new style –TIS’ the season – because now is the time to celebrate with videos!

Here, we’ve compiled few ideas to use this video style to embrace the season’s greetings.

Festive Greetings

Send well wishes to friends, family, colleagues and near ones in a beautiful video card.


Throwback memories from past celebrations to recall the good times spent with loved ones.

Party Precap

Share a party teaser video including clips and pictures with your guests, encouraging them to show-up.

Celebration Summary

Attending parties and events at office or with friends? Make videos to relive the captured memories or share it with people who missed it.

Year in review

List down the important events that made an impact in your life in 2017 and share the year’s major highlights in a video story.

Rejoice the good times and share the memories with videos.

Create a video with this style

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