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Timelines are a great way to mark milestones and what occasion is better to relive those memories than on your loved one’s birthday.

Timeline Birthdays videos are just as the name suggests – you create a video in sequential order as to when the picture was taken and add a message to the same.

Timeline videos are perfect birthday gifts because you get to revisit so many memories that had collected dust over the time. In many ways, timeline birthday videos are the best and the easiest to make.

All you need to do is have a sequential order on your timeline, mess it up and you can make a fool of yourself. That’s why we have a few tips that will help you create a perfect timeline birthday video.

  • Create a Sequential Map

    The tip is to draw out a sequential map that displays the pictures or memories you wish to add into the video in order of the time it took place. You can do this either in a paper or on a word file. If you think this is too much a hassle you can simply name the images on the date they occurred while you save them. This way you have the order correctly and you also do not waste much time.

  • Uploading

    Just saving them correctly isn’t the idea, you must also pay attention to when you upload them in a sequence. This way you are reducing your time in the production as you do not have to keep rearranging the pictures or re-make it because you notice a flaw in the order. This little tip in uploading your pictures can save a lot of time.

  • Quality

    Another crucial factor you need to take into consideration when you are making a timeline birthday video is the quality of the pictures you choose. For your friends or siblings, it is easy because most pictures are available and in a digital format too. But give special attention to the quality of the pictures being used if you are making a time video for your parents and grandparents. They have printed pictures you need a scanned copy of and the quality of the old pictures cannot be guaranteed. Make sure you are picking out the best ones.

Timeline Birthday Videos are as simple as you make them be. You have seen a ton of them but it has taken you hours on the end to make one yourself. You can use the three tips we have mentioned above to make a great timeline birthday in record time.

Have you made a timeline video as a birthday gift? Let us hear your Picovico experience in the comments below.


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