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There are a lot of difficulties one faces in the world and making a great birthday video is one of them. But do not let that get you down. No one did great things without failing at least once or twice.

So don’t you stop trying and don’t you give up, because we are giving out a few tips that will help you make a great birthday video and it is only a few steps away with Picovico.

Follow this link in case you are new to Picovico.

Just so you know we have made a lot of videos and there are a few tricks we have gathered along the way. Here are a few that will get you the smashing birthday video you wanted to make.

  • Choose Picovico

    I mean why would you be making videos the hard way when you can have it the easy way with Picovico. A few simple steps with Picovico and a few seconds until you have an amazing video at your disposal.
    P.S. you can directly post your birthday greeting, gift or card on their Facebook or download it and give it to them.

  • Mood Up

    The logical next is jumping into picking the style for your video. But we suggest you first pick our the theme for your video. Trust us – it’s easier this way. You pick what is the mood for your birthday video – funny, happy, exciting, party vibed, emotional.

    The rest will follow along. Picking a style for the perfect birthday video isn’t as difficult once you know what you have set a mood. Aiming for an exciting video, pick the style Party. Want a mellow birthday video, opt for Flicker or Make a Wish. Sophisticated themes like Frameless and Spark will be your best choice if you want to make an elegant or emotional video.

You will also know what kind of pictures, video clips and music to get for the video.

  • Your Best Choice

    Now we delve into the vague tip area. Since we can only just say what you can do and not really pick out the pictures for you we call this the vague tip area.

    Pictures/Video clips

    1. I would say pick out the crisp pictures, choosing blurred pictures in most cases loses the vibes.
    2. If you choose to make a timeline video then you will need to pay attention to the sequence of the timeline you had drawn up.
    3. Let your imagination run wild with your funny videos because crazy moments didn’t follow the rules so why should you.


  1. The first tip to get the right music would be to follow the mood you plan to set.
  2. Never be afraid of choosing lyrics song instead of a tune if you feel its the right choice.
  3. Do not be afraid to be bold with your pictures and messages and go silent.
  4. Letting your music take the spotlight, why not? Let your pictures flow according to the music you choose.

P.S. Get an in-depth break down of how to choose the best music here.

  • The right words

Many times we do not give the importance to words but they sure do play a huge role in your birthday videos. Choose any mood and you know you will at least need a couple of words to make it a great video. And why not make those the best couple of words?

  1. Less is more. Do not flood the video with words, you know nobody wants a presentation.
  2. In case you think you need to explain it, break it up into many slides. Give them the time to read and absorb what you meant.
  3. Spice things up with quotes.

A birthday is a very special milestone we want to celebrate the best we can. So why hold back you make them a birthday video. Be it a birthday invite, greeting, card or a birthday video gift of memories. All you need is Picovico and 5 minutes tops. With these tips, I am sure you can easily cut down the time in making your video by half.

Think we missed any tip? Do tell us in the comments below.

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