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Psychology behind using videos on landing pages and tips for creating them

It’s pretty obvious that video is the most popular form of content on the web at present, and rightly so. And all the great landing pages use videos.

Landing pages have one goal: to get their audience to take action. Whether your goal is to sell product or subscribe to a newsletter, your visitors should relate to you and trust you. It has been tested and proven that videos do that quite effectively.

Let’s discuss why is it that videos work so effectively on landing pages. What’s the psychology behind it?

According to PhD psychologist Susan Weinschen, human mind is more attentive to movement and noise rather than text, which is why video can achieve much more than what a blog could. Videos are obviously more interactive and entertaining, which makes it a feasible content for all manners of audience.

It’s not just a hypothesis either. According to a recent research done by Forbes, 60% of people prefer watching videos to reading text. It’s understandable since, videos are mobile and simpler to absorb.

Research has shown that websites with videos as their landing page also climb rather quickly to google’s first page. This is because lots of websites still haven’t equipped videos on their landing page, and even if they have, they haven’t put more thought in proper planning of it.

However, just because videos work doesn’t mean anything goes. You will have to do a proper planning and really curate your videos for them to really create a measurable ROI.

Here are some tips for creating landing page videos.

Keep your Videos Short and Sweet

Wistia found that viewers watch 81% of the 30 second videos while viewers only watch 62% of the 90 second videos. So, make sure your videos are short and sweet. Videos longer than 30 seconds (nearing 90 seconds) experienced high drop-off in their watch time.

This might not hold true for all brands, depending on your product and the kind of video you are making. Still, this is the going stat, and you might want to stick by it. Feel free to experiment and figure out what works for you.

Keywords and SEO

Like we mentioned earlier, it’s considerably easier to reach page one of Google with video compared to with a web page. The main reason behind this is that competition is low for videos. But you can’t just spray and pray.

You will have to carefully research keywords for your videos and optimize it for search engines. Use appropriate keywords in titles and descriptions so that your video is fit to crawl through search engines and also descriptive enough for your visitors to figure out what the video is about. You will need to research and take-in everything you can about SEO and use it on your video.

Make Video the Centre of Attention

If you have a video on your landing page, make sure you get rid of all other elements that could be distracting. You should place your video at top – center where it’s the first thing visitors can see. Instead of crowding the landing page and making it just another thing on your page, you can design around the video.

The whole purpose of video is to make the visitors take desired action. So, if you’re looking to get your visitors to register, you can point at a certain direction, and have the signup button placed there. Similarly, you can get creative for your users to take the desired action.


Your visitors were pulled by your landing page video, they watched the whole thing and they even loved it. Now what? This is going to be the exact question on your mind. You are going to need to assume that your visitors are lazy and they are not going to browse through your website for your awesome product or even your sign-up button.

And that’s why you need to come up with an attractive CTA at the end of your video, or something that will be displayed when the video is paused. (Note: Picovico has this feature in its premium plan). This will tell your viewers exactly what to do after watching the video.

Don’t worry about being Funny

It’s obvious that clever, funny videos become viral almost instantly gaining maximum views, engagement and shares; of course, there are other factors at play too. However, recent statistics show that customers watch instructional and product/service videos just as much as they watch humorous videos.

So, you need not worry about making a funny video. Just make sure that it’s worth your visitors’ time.


In today’s world it’s an absolute must to have videos on your landing page. Not only are they popular among internet users, they might actually be easier to make than crafting the masterpiece blog your visitors might not even bother going through.

Video making might seem like a daunting task for those who aren’t tech-savvy. And the cost of hiring a professional to create videos is bit too much for just anyone to bare.

So, what’s the solution?

Use Picovico.

You don’t have to spend hours learning the craft of video making, and you don’t have to worry about making hefty payment to that expensive videographer either. With Picovico, you can create videos in the matter of minutes.

All you have to do is gather your photos and videos, upload a background music and insert captions and text slides where you see fitting.

Rest assured, your landing page videos will look amazing.

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