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Have you thought about what your gift is going to be for your beloved one this Valentine’s day?
Are chocolates, teddy bears and roses going to be enough? This could be very well be a big question mark for most of us! You try and want to be different every time on such occasions, anxious enough to look out for that special way to impress your someone special. Nevertheless, it ends up with same ol’ regular ways of presenting the regular gifts.

Have you ever thought of using a picture slideshow as a gift to express your true feelings for the special one? Yes, right! Picovico gives you an opportunity to express your love the coolest way this Valentine’s day. Its fast, its easy and its Personal!. Picovico is free online software to turn your beautiful pictures into awesome videos. Materials that you will require to make a perfect Gift Video are:

1. Set of photographs:

Everyone always have a set of photographs of their loved ones with them and few more pictures of hearts, flowers, and candles with romantic lines. And you are ready with first of requirement.


2. A story line:



After you have sorted the pictures you can create a story line, may be something romantic. For example if you are proposing in Valentine’s day, write something special and romantic and the very end you can express you love with “I love you”, at the end. You can send in messages with it like”will you be my Valentine?”

3. Music:


Who does not love music? Is that even a question? Everybody has their favorite. You can add music from the already available Picovico music library or you can import your own songs or instrumentals that your beloved one loves to listen. Music helps to set the feel of the video and makes it quite effective than just a set of pictures put together.

Now be ready to prepare an awesome gift for the Valentine’s Day. Picovico allows you to choose the theme for your video, arrange the sorted pictures, and then add the music. A good setting of course helps you to convey you message, don’t let the environment disturb you and your loved one (deciding the right time and place to play it remain in our hand). Here is the one we made:

Don’t waste your time thinking for anything extra this valentine’s day, just go for Picovico. Celebrate this Valentine’s Day the PV way!

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