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We’re so excited to share with you what we’ve been working on for the last few months. Our mission is to bring video making within the comfort of every Internet user and to make that process as seamless as possible. And today, we’re a step closer to that goal, with the new Picovico Web.

Why a new Picovico?

People love to see and share videos—. Yet, the logistics of making a video is still a demanding task. It takes considerable time, effort and expertise. Even with other solutions in the market the basic problem you have still isn’t addressed and that is the cost of video making! We created Picovico to help users cope with this issue.

And in the three and a half years since we launched, we’ve made significant progress — But there’s more opportunity to make video making even easier for you. So, after countless conversations, user experience studies, we built a new Picovico.

What’s new?

Picovico is a powerful product with a lot of features, and in the old Picovico we got a lot of requests for upgrade from most users almost every day. The demand of video making service has increased everywhere. To fix that, the product needed some big changes. In fact, the number one request from users was an improved design. The new Picovico is redesigned to make video making process easier, so users can get on board quickly and use Picovico to achieve their goals.

Picovico Premium on Web

We launched a premium version of Picovico, which brings in a lot of abilities that include:

  • 6 new, clean and elite video themes.
  • HD videos (up to 720p)
  • CTA button facility
  • Others such as: photo upload size upto 12 MB, Music upload size upto 40 mb, 100 photos per video, 100 slides per video, etc.
    New picovico is highly cost effective compared to its competitors. The premium version is available at just $6.25 per month when subscribed yearly or just $9.49 per month when subscribed on monthly basis.

Check our updated pricing plans.


Simplified interface

Now, when you start using Picovico, it’s simple.
It’s clearer where to start and how to find the information you want. When you start a new project, you’ll see a cleaner, more comprehensible list of tasks. We’ve divided the video making process in four simple steps, going one at a time, so you won’t be overwhelmed while working on your project. The improved navigation gives you access to everything you need to drive your project to success: an account section to see all your connected accounts, login information, change settings and billing history, My videos section to keep track of all your published, unpublished, incomplete and processing videos and the premium account section for you to upgrade whenever you need to make HD videos.

Additional photo import options:

Earlier Picovico allowed import from Flickr and Facebook only along with computer upload. With new Picovico you can import photos from Google photos, which makes it a lot easier to get the right pictures easily into your project.

API for Businesses:

The new version of Picovico API has been re-engineered and re-systematized from the core; improved towards providing better experience and stability. It is focused on mass photo-video production for all kinds of businesses. With Picovico API businesses get:

  • White Label Support
  • Customizable options
  • Better Dashboard
  • New Video styles

And how about that logo!

Though it’s been a while we changed our logo unannounced, with new Picovico we’re officially introducing our new logo and brand. Our new logo represents the process of video making. We still have the play button, but now it is rearranged with two L shapes in a way that shows the conversion process. All together represent ‘converting photos into videos’.


What’s next?

Performance and affordability is our top priority. We’ve already made sure that Picovico is affordable for small businesses and day-to-day users. However, there is always a space for improvement and we’ll be focusing on performance and constantly developing the product in the days to come. For something quick, we’ll be releasing many new festive and corporate video styles soon.

You can check the new Picovico Web today. We hope you like it!

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