Hah.. Hope this doesn’t happen to you.

Mother’s day is approaching and we all hope to bring the most unique gift for our mothers. But it seems, things doesn’t turn out as we think it to be. Why not try something at which we cannot fail. Infusing your gift with your personality will assure that, won’t it? Do something more thoughtful this time to make her feel special. Create a personalized video of you and your mother that no one else can make. Here are some video ideas to start with:

1. She means the world to me

Nothing can compare to the love of your mother. Show her what she means to you and how you can’t imagine your world without her. Come up with a short and sweet poem and couple it with some beautiful pictures of you and her – laughing, hugging and having fun. Create a video of those special moments together.

2. I am proud of her

Being a mother is no cake walk. She does all the super things that you can’t even imagine of. From giving you birth to taking care of you and the family. A friends, a guide, an inspiration – My mother. Create a video to show her how much you are proud of her and how beautifully she handles every hardship of life.

3. A precious gift from God

Think of all the times your mom supported you. It could be your incomplete school lessons that she helped you complete or that art competition you had to win or your entire career she helped you get through. Whatever it was, but now its time you thank her for being there by your side. Collect pictures of all those times and make a video to show her how precious she is.

So, What story are you thinking of now?

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