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When it comes to thanksgiving, we start thinking about the stuffed turkey, pumpkin pie and the thanksgiving feast as-a-whole. It is a good gesture to invite guests for the feast but it is equally important to know if you’re doing it right! After all, you don’t want to waste the turkey to which you’ve put all your efforts.


Here, we will be discussing about the unique video invitation idea and how it works to seize your guests for the party. This is not something regular like creating a Facebook event, invitation over a group chat, etc., that many people consider these days to invite their guests for the feast. And that is why it is special!

Let’s get you a brief walk-through:

Why videos?

If you’ve noticed, most of the internet users today prefer video content to text or images. Videos drag their attention and also helps in retaining information for long. Ask to yourself, how often do you watch videos? I am sure the answer will be ‘Quite often’! So, it’s the same case with your guests as well. They will definitely enjoy a video invitation to a regular digital or paper-based invitation.

It is also rather easy to create one. It will require you some images from your past thanksgiving or maybe few free stock images that fits right to your video, and few minutes of your time.

The videos created will be easily shareable and you can also download it and use it as per your requirement.

How to create one?

In order to create a Thanksgiving video invitation, you will have to login to our app first. When you reach the dashboard, you’ll see a ‘Create’ button on the navigation bar. Clicking on it will lead you to an intermediate page where you choose to create a ‘Slideshow Video’. Then select one of the styles in which you want your video to be made. You may also refer to a sample preview of the available styles before selecting one. After that, you can proceed adding images, video-clip and texts to your video. Preview the created video and keep making changes unless satisfied. Once done, finalize the video and it’s ready to be shared or downloaded.

It’s that simple!

Create your Thanksgiving Video Invitation

We’d like to know if you liked the idea. Share with us your experience in coming up with the video in the comment section below.

Thanksgiving is a festive of being thankful for all good things in life. Let’s celebrate it with goodwill and gratefulness!

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