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They say “thank you” is an incredibly powerful pair of words because being appreciated keeps us motivated both at work and in life and also, it strengthens our relationship with our dearest ones. Gratitude also helps us experience the goodness in life, keeping us healthy both mentally and physically throughout. And, expressing gratitude is the heart of Thanksgiving. It gives us an opportunity to spend an entire day with our family and friends, savor a fine meal and be thankful for many things, either great or simple, in life. That’s why we look forward to Thanksgiving and celebrate the occasion with such an excitement and joy.


Although being grateful is very important, simply saying “thank you” has become too mainstream nowadays. How about trying something new this Thanksgiving to double up the power of saying thank you? How about using a video instead? Videos do add a little something more into your effort of saying thank you, in turn, helping you build a stronger bond with your loved ones.

Picovico, a video slideshow creator, offers you two simple yet elegant thanksgiving styles to help you create beautiful videos thanking your friends and family. Let’s say, you want to thank your family for always being there for you, you can choose family theme thanksgiving style, pick out the best family photos from your photo album, arrange the photo order and get your thanksgiving video ready within seconds. It’s as simple as that. Accordingly, you can make meaningful videos thanking your friends, colleagues, family or even yourself with Picovico in matter of no time.

At the end of the day, Thanksgiving is all about sharing emotions and expressing thankfulness. And, having something documented in the form of a video will always remain as a souvenir to look back and reminisce the memories.

Well, get started with creating videos already. Lastly, Picovico family wishes you a great and wonderful Thanksgiving.

Say Thank you – The Picovico Way.

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