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With a lot of advancement in technology, educators cannot miss out to use latest tools/techniques to educate their students. Video is one of those tools. Since videos are the powerful visual demonstration that can evoke emotions and drive deeper engagement, teachers need to incorporate videos in their classrooms for creating better learning environment.

teachers using video in class

Here is the detail list of why we think teachers need to use videos in classrooms.

1. Increased Participation

Apart from reading books, students enjoy other things as well. Videos, unlike a lot of classroom activities, require creativity and real world applications, something students are more interested and involved in. Increase in student involvement means less class disruption, more active participation, and with the real world relevance, they retain more of what they learn.

2. Bring Lessons to Life

Teachers may put videos in the entertainment category but it can be molded as per their needs. Teachers can either find a video with text rich information that covers their subject matter or create one for their class. Once where teaching meant droning lectures, now videos can make the same lessons come to life. Students can also understand concepts swiftly and are more enthusiastic about what they are learning with videos.

Here is an example video explaining Newton’s Laws with appropriate images and text slides:

3. Better Usability

Students are more interested and dive deep if they see the meaning and usability of a skill. Despite of using the video making skill for completing an assignment only, they can use it for a lifetime. Knowing that the skill will aid in future job prospects will inspire them to work harder on it.

4. Collaborative Learning

Videos are often produced as a part of group projects. Group projects are an opportunity for students to work together, help each other as they learn. Furthermore, students can share different skills – a tech savvy student can share a video making knowledge while others can share other academic knowledge.  Videos in assignments are also an outlet to show students’ imagination and creativity.

Teachers using videos in classroom should consider Picovico – an online slideshow maker. With Picovico, teachers can quickly assemble and produce a video for their classroom within minutes. Craft an informational video in four easy steps:

  1. Select a style that complements your topic
  2. Arrange and upload your photos/text
  3. Choose/Upload music that suits your needs
  4. Personalize and Create video.

Teachers who are not using videos as a tool to educate and entertain the students are missing out a huge opportunity. Are you including “video” as a teaching method in your classroom? If not, it’s time to get started now!

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