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How to make your own wedding invitation video

Wedding is a lifetime memory. So it’s normal for you to not compromise on anything; starting from the invitation card itself. We appreciate your urge for perfection and that is why we’ve got you some really nice wedding invitation video theme designed by professionals. Create incredible wedding invitation videos in 5 easy steps with Picovico Login to Picovico and select the ‘Create’ button Choose either ‘Slideshow Video’ or ‘Story’ and…

Save the date

Take your wedding invitation to next level with “Save the Date” story template

Weddings are amongst one of the biggest milestones a person experiences in his/her life. The day itself is filled with wonder, excitement, love and laughter. But a lot of strings have to be tied together to pull off a perfect wedding. Hence, the emotion people feel the most during marriage, besides happiness is stress. The want for a perfect big day is stressful and requires plentiful work. And even small…