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video marketing

5 tips to design your video marketing strategy

This article is a guest contribution by Conor Grant. Are you looking for tips that will get you on the right video marketing track? Then this article will surely equip you with the needed skills. Below are 5 great tips that will enable you to design your video marketing strategy: Determine the Video Content It is necessary you determine the right formats and topics to include in your video content…

Facebook Video App Lifestage

Facebook Launches New Video App for Users Under 22: Lifestage

Facebook isn’t done trying to capture snapchat generation. First it was the instagram stories and now it’s the video-oriented separate app called Lifestage. Lifestage does pretty much everything Snapchat does, but it’s been created for high schoolers. The reason we say that is because the app can only be used by users 21 and younger. While lifestage can be downloaded by people of any age, anyone over 22 will only…

video marketing

Video: the future of content marketing

Videos have been helping people find meaning since the time it was invented; way back in 1950s. Now in this era of social media, people have moved past reading articles and looking at still images. There is a lot of information in the internet that people browse through every day. People however do not have the desire or the time to read all the content, and would rather opt for…