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Picovico for education

Picovico for Education – a privilege to your classroom at deep discounted rate

Technology is ever changing and so are the practices in our education system. Today, rhetorical method of learning is shadowed by competitive real-time learning. And in this context, videos have topped the list – making it one of the finest and most effective methods to retain the shared knowledge. A study has shown that, 90% of information that are transmitted to the brain is visual, and human brain processes visuals…


Preparing for the Thanksgiving Feast? Invite them in a unique way!

When it comes to thanksgiving, we start thinking about the stuffed turkey, pumpkin pie and the thanksgiving feast as-a-whole. It is a good gesture to invite guests for the feast but it is equally important to know if you’re doing it right! After all, you don’t want to waste the turkey to which you’ve put all your efforts. Here, we will be discussing about the unique video invitation idea and…


When to use Picovico Stories?

Stories are basically famous in social networking sites. We know Snapchat stories, Instagram stories, Facebook stories and so on. But what actually are these stories? Merely a reference to what we’ve been doing in our everyday life? Yes, exactly! This is where Picovico thought of coming up with video stories for its users. Everyday, something new is happening in each of our lives; like, a new life is born to…

video marketing

5 tips to design your video marketing strategy

This article is a guest contribution by Conor Grant. Are you looking for tips that will get you on the right video marketing track? Then this article will surely equip you with the needed skills. Below are 5 great tips that will enable you to design your video marketing strategy: Determine the Video Content It is necessary you determine the right formats and topics to include in your video content…

make picovico video

How to make a video using Picovico

Last Updated on: 6/01/2017 (Since Picovico has relaunched with exciting new features and complete design changes, the blog has been updated based on Picovico 3.0) Many of us love to click pictures or be inside the frame. Taking photos has become a part of our daily routine. The ever-growing passion of this generation is filling up every memory vault with tons of good and bad moments. But have we ever…