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tips to create slideshow videos

7 Tips to Create Best Slideshow Videos

Making slideshow videos have never been easier. There are plenty of different online video maker tools that will allow you to turn pictures into videos – with music in the matter of minutes. Just throw in some pictures, add some texts, put in some music, and wait for the tool to process it. That’s pretty much all you need to do to make slideshow videos these days. Most people have…

teachers using video in class

Why Teachers need to use video in classrooms

With a lot of advancement in technology, educators cannot miss out to use latest tools/techniques to educate their students. Video is one of those tools. Since videos are the powerful visual demonstration that can evoke emotions and drive deeper engagement, teachers need to incorporate videos in their classrooms for creating better learning environment. Here is the detail list of why we think teachers need to use videos in classrooms. 1.…

make picovico video

How to make a video using Picovico

Last Updated on: 6/01/2017 (Since Picovico has relaunched with exciting new features and complete design changes, the blog has been updated based on Picovico 3.0) Many of us love to click pictures or be inside the frame. Taking photos has become a part of our daily routine. The ever-growing passion of this generation is filling up every memory vault with tons of good and bad moments. But have we ever…