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Preparing for the Thanksgiving Feast? Invite them in a unique way!

When it comes to thanksgiving, we start thinking about the stuffed turkey, pumpkin pie and the thanksgiving feast as-a-whole. It is a good gesture to invite guests for the feast but it is equally important to know if you’re doing it right! After all, you don’t want to waste the turkey to which you’ve put all your efforts. Here, we will be discussing about the unique video invitation idea and…


Happy Thanksgiving

Thank you is a simple yet meaningful gesture. It invokes all the right emotions. But, we are not nearly as grateful as we should be to the people that brighten our lives. How about taking that into perspective this thanksgiving? Saying thank you over the phone is too simple, and sending out a Thank You card might have been tad bit old fashioned for this day and age. That’s exactly…

Using the Power of Video this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is next week people and this is the perfect time to start sending out invitations for that thanksgiving party next Thursday. And this thanksgiving, we are focusing on the power of videos to connect friends and family. Videos are getting massively popular in the recent years, and business side apart video making is an art form that can be easily mastered by even those who aren’t really tech-savvy. Video…