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spread joy with christmas videos

Spread Christmas joy with Videos

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas everyone. I, for one, love Christmas. Plenty of food on the table, loving people (despite the disagreements) under one roof, and there is just so much positivity all around. Christmas isn’t as amazing as it used to be when we believed in Santa and got awesome presents. But, recently I have been feeling that Christmas has actually got better. Realizing that it’s the people in…


Top 5 Video Ideas to make your Anniversary Special

You have finally decided to create an anniversary video this year. That’s certainly a wonderful gift. While most anniversary gift tray includes expensive gemstones or other materials, videos can be an amazing way to personalize the anniversary gift. And the beauty of it is you can make an anniversary video gift for anyone, whether it’s for your own anniversary or your family and/or friends. Plus, it doesn’t matter whether it’s…