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video styles for realtors

Hand-picked Video styles for realtors

Videos have been the dawn of the new era in marketing scenario. They offer a visually delightful insight into your work. Since videos jell nicely with audiences, they are now a must have aspect of the marketing strategy. For an industry like real estate that constantly rely on visuals, videos are indispensable. Videos capture and project the essence of a home/property and highlight its features at the same time in…

Video marketing stats for realtors

Top 10 awesome video marketing stats for realtors

Videos are rapidly gaining popularity over social medias and blogs. Video Marketing has now become a “must have” element unlike before when videos were a “nice to have” things for marketers. Real estate agents, in particular, need video marketing in their marketing mix as real estate relies heavily on visual content. Below we present a handful statistics that state the necessity of videos in real estate marketing. 40% of prospective buyers…

real estate video maker

How to make your real estate business stand out with a video?

We live in an extremely competitive business environment. To survive the competition, we need to give constant effort to differentiate our business from our competitors. As real estate professionals, it takes more than just a website and few social networks to stand out and create a brand value in the market. You need to be able to emotionally connect your potential customers with your property. And, what could be the…

real estate video marketing

Why a video is convincing for Real estate marketing?

Real estate relies heavily on visual content.  Visual content help buyers find meaning. Buyers have moved past still images to gain perspective on the virtues of a home. People see the home as well as get the feel and the perspective through real estate videos. This benefits the agents along with the buyers. Real estate video marketing conveys the information rather quickly and effortlessly. The National Association of Realtors (NAR)…