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Virtual Video Tours for Realtors

Virtual Tour Videos for Realtors in 5 steps [Quick, step by step, and Easy Guide to Free Video Maker]

Real Estate Photography has been widely popular in recent years as the means of real estate marketing. This allows realtors with the easy way to provide virtual home tours for clients. Smart realtors who have applied the idea of virtual tours have definitely been doing well in the business. But, that’s almost the thing of the past now. There’s one better. And that is: Videos as virtual tours What’s Virtual…

Video marketing stats for realtors

Top 10 awesome video marketing stats for realtors

Videos are rapidly gaining popularity over social medias and blogs. Video Marketing has now become a “must have” element unlike before when videos were a “nice to have” things for marketers. Real estate agents, in particular, need video marketing in their marketing mix as real estate relies heavily on visual content. Below we present a handful statistics that state the necessity of videos in real estate marketing. 40% of prospective buyers…

real estate video marketing

Why a video is convincing for Real estate marketing?

Real estate relies heavily on visual content.  Visual content help buyers find meaning. Buyers have moved past still images to gain perspective on the virtues of a home. People see the home as well as get the feel and the perspective through real estate videos. This benefits the agents along with the buyers. Real estate video marketing conveys the information rather quickly and effortlessly. The National Association of Realtors (NAR)…