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frameless video style

Bring your pictures to limelight with our new video style: “Frameless”

Picovico is home to many video styles ranging from occasion specific to general ones that are versatile enough to complement videos of all nature. With so much of love and appreciation from our previously launched video styles (Carol, Circle, Party and Soulmate), we are highly encouraged to entertain our users with more attractive video styles. That is why, after endless queries, research and brainstorming on our motion designers end; we…

Public Beta Release of Picovico – an online slideshow maker

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth millions of words”. This has been our motto at Picovico ever since it was conceived. Finally after almost a year of restless development we are pleased to announce the public beta release of Picovico – the photo video maker. Picovico is a cloud based video creation platform. It takes a set of images, blends it with the…