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voice over

How to add voice-over to a Picovico video?

We, at picovico, are continuously adding new features to enhance your video making experience. And with the release of the Voice Overlay feature, we thrive to make your videos more lively and perfect. Voice-over is a very powerful medium to convey emotions. It adds a strong personality and credibility to your video. Video with voice-overs not only add a level of comfort while watching but also makes the viewer more…

Picovico stories and voice over

Video making is more exciting with stories and voice-over

You should have experienced many changes in Picovico following its recent upgrade, from introducing new video styles to trendy video formats for social media compatibility (square and vertical videos). We are continuously working to fabricate new ideas and features to intensify the video-making experience more smooth and quick. And this time, we have come up with two new features for all our Picovico users. Introducing the Picovico Stories and Voice-overlay…