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video marketing for photographers

How Photographers can use Videos to Increase Google Ranking

It’s quite surprising how businesses and marketers still haven’t started video-marketing. And right in the mix of them are photographers. Photographers, like any other professionals, are always looking for ways to expand their business. In the generation where almost every kid with a DSLR thinks himself to be a photographer, the business isn’t exactly easy for photographers who are actually passionate about their trade. While internet marketing is the best…

make picovico video

How to make a video using Picovico

Last Updated on: 6/01/2017 (Since Picovico has relaunched with exciting new features and complete design changes, the blog has been updated based on Picovico 3.0) Many of us love to click pictures or be inside the frame. Taking photos has become a part of our daily routine. The ever-growing passion of this generation is filling up every memory vault with tons of good and bad moments. But have we ever…