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Birthday Gift Ideas

How to Escape the Lame Gift Syndrome for Birthday Celebrations?

Birthdays are and will always be the king of our milestone celebrations. People have and will always try to get the best and most creative things as a birthday gift for their loved ones on this day. But how long has it been since you have given the birthday boy/girl a proper gift and not fallen for the saving grace of gifts like cards, flowers, soft toys or dinner date?…

Kancye West Makes Birthday Video for Kim

Kanye West gifts a thoughtful Birthday Video on Kim Kardashian West’s 36th Birthday: Want to make Birthday Video for someone YOU love?

The world was shaken a little to see one of the biggest rapper of this generation gift a thoughtful, emotional birthday video to his wife Kim on her 36th birthday. The extravagant rapper isn’t exactly known for his sentimental approach, but I guess there are always exceptions. On her birthday, Kanye shared a sentimental video with his 26 million followers. The video is a collection of home videos narrated by…