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how to create engaging educational video

How to Create an Engaging Educational Video?

It’s vital that you have done your research about the subject before you start on your video making quest. Do not just make a video for the sake of making a video. Especially with educational videos, your primary goal should be to provide your viewers with in-depth knowledge about the particular subject matter you are going to discuss. Hit the books, google it, whatever it takes, make sure you are…

Psychology behind using videos on landing pages and tips for creating them

Psychology behind using Videos on Landing Pages and Tips for Creating them

It’s pretty obvious that video is the most popular form of content on the web at present, and rightly so. And all the great landing pages use videos. Landing pages have one goal: to get their audience to take action. Whether your goal is to sell product or subscribe to a newsletter, your visitors should relate to you and trust you. It has been tested and proven that videos do…

happy mother's day

Make a Memorable Video for her this Mother’s day

Existence is often taken for granted, and this statement also holds true for most things in life. If there’s one day in the year when you want to celebrate life, today’s the day. What better way is there to celebrate life than to celebrate your mother? We love our moms, but we don’t quite manage to show it to her. So, this mother’s day, let’s make some real efforts to…

Picovico version 3

We have lift off; Picovico 3.0 is on air!

1969, July 21. Neil Armstrong first stepped on Moon. One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind. 2017, May 8. Picovico Re-Launched. Picovico just took a giant leap in the revolutionary train that is headed towards simplifying and enhancing video-making technology. The new Picovico3.0 is officially launched since today. But, our whole team has been planning and working on the NEW PICOVICO for almost a year now.…