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first birthday

Portray favorite pictures of your newborn with our new styles – Neonate boy/girl

We are glad to release two new styles dedicated for new parents and also for newborn photographers who wishes to celebrate the existence of new life in a family. Being parents is an amazing feeling but witnessing your child grow is something priceless. In many regards, the first few years of your child, as a newborn, are very special. You have so many photos clicked of smallest of activities they…

maternity photography

Kicking off your photography business with maternity photography

If you are a photographer wondering how to start a photography business, you can always consider maternity photography. People want to capture the beautiful experience of entering into parenthood and their transformation during the period. Maternity photography endows the opportunity to capture critical moments of your client’s life that they will cherish forever. In maternity photography, a single client can be a profitable source. Unlike other event’s coverage, it is…