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birthday video style

Birthdays get a little more exciting with our new birthday style: “Birthday Delight”

Birthdays hold an extra special place in our hearts over all of our life’s milestones. They come but once a year bringing joy and laughter along with it. Over the years, we have enjoyed seeing you express gratitude and appreciation to your friends, family, and your loved one’s on their birthday with us. We have designed a theme specifically for birthdays, so that you can add more fun and excitement…

frameless video style

Bring your pictures to limelight with our new video style: “Frameless”

Picovico is home to many video styles ranging from occasion specific to general ones that are versatile enough to complement videos of all nature. With so much of love and appreciation from our previously launched video styles (Carol, Circle, Party and Soulmate), we are highly encouraged to entertain our users with more attractive video styles. That is why, after endless queries, research and brainstorming on our motion designers end; we…