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Virtual Video Tours for Realtors

Virtual Tour Videos for Realtors in 5 steps [Quick, step by step, and Easy Guide to Free Video Maker]

Real Estate Photography has been widely popular in recent years as the means of real estate marketing. This allows realtors with the easy way to provide virtual home tours for clients. Smart realtors who have applied the idea of virtual tours have definitely been doing well in the business. But, that’s almost the thing of the past now. There’s one better. And that is: Videos as virtual tours What’s Virtual…

World Photography Day 2016

Happy World Photography Day

Wherever there is light, one can photograph. – Alfred Stieglitz We could not agree more. Luckily though, the statement isn’t entirely true anymore. With every Smartphone equipped with “flash” feature let alone the high-end designated cameras, it’s also possible to capture photographs during the night. The world of photography is massive. Everything that is there and that’s not, the possibility is immense. It all comes down to the photographer’s’ ability…