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mothers day gift idea

Top 5 inspirational Mother’s day video ideas

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Any mom would definitely love a gift that makes her feel special, cared and appreciated.  Videos have that power to make her feel so. They make a unique and a thoughtful gift. With an online slideshow maker like Picovico, you can make videos with pictures within minutes. Picovico only requires you to follow four easy steps – 1. Select the Style, 2. Add…

DIY mothers day gift ideas

5 DIY mother’s day gift ideas any mom will love

A mother is someone who has given us the greatest gifts of – life and love. She can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take. Mothers are extraordinary; they juggle all aspects of everyday life and do it well. And be it evident or not, everybody loves their mother. She gives and gives selflessly all year without asking for anything in return. Mother’s…

A Gift for your Mom

Every Child is special…but, ‘so is every mother’. Regardless of the amount of money you accumulate, the height of success you attain, or the fame that your name earns, you will always remain your mom’s child, and you will remain indebted to her for all the love she gave you, for all the blessings she showered upon you, for all the sacrifices she made for you. A mother plays myriad…