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happy mother's day

Make a Memorable Video for her this Mother’s day

Existence is often taken for granted, and this statement also holds true for most things in life. If there’s one day in the year when you want to celebrate life, today’s the day. What better way is there to celebrate life than to celebrate your mother? We love our moms, but we don’t quite manage to show it to her. So, this mother’s day, let’s make some real efforts to…

mothers day video styles

5 awesome video styles for Mother’s day

Mother’s Day is on the doorstep. Have you decided on a gift yet? If not,  you can make a Picovico video as a gift for your mom. All that is required from you is to compile amazing pictures of her. You will be looking to create a cheerful and warm atmosphere, so you need to choose a style that will best possibly reflect your love and affection. Picovico, an online…