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happy father's day 2017

Happy Father’s Day 2017

Remember your dad holding you after birth. And that time your dad took you out for that first walk. Everything we are today is large part due to our father. But we don’t necessarily acknowledge it enough, do we? Bondings with fathers are different than with our moms. We don’t necessarily go to them to say “I love you”. While we deeply care for them, we don’t show it with…

happy father's day

Happy father’s day to all the super dads!

Father’s Day is finally here! Every year, we have the pleasure of celebrating Father’s Day. So, take the time to cherish and celebrate the day that is often overshadowed by Mother’s Day. Let your dad enjoy the spotlight today! Dads have always been our strength. They have supported us in our good and bad, helped us in every way they can, cheered us on and been proud of our every…