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Free Facebook Slideshow Video Ad for your Business

How to get Free Facebook Slideshow Video ad for your Business?

Facebook has been a fantastic marketing platform for both small businesses and large industries. With over 1 billion of population worldwide now using Facebook, it’s not so hard to figure out why businesses are using Facebook as the primary means to communicate with their potential customers. And with that in mind, Facebook has continuously come up with innovative ways to help the marketers get in touch with their targeted audience.…

share picovico video on fb

How to share Picovico video on Facebook

Facebook has become a major marketing and networking tool for businesses today. It is a great platform to market products and gain a steady flow of audiences. Marketing in today’s world is all about relationship marketing and conversations which can be sparked with captivating videos. Facebook has had 8 billion average video views a day from its 500 million users, in the past year alone. Consequently, Facebook has added updates…