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Timeline Birthday Video

Tips to Make Perfect Timeline Birthday Video

Timelines are a great way to mark milestones and what occasion is better to relive those memories than on your loved one’s birthday. Timeline Birthdays videos are just as the name suggests – you create a video in sequential order as to when the picture was taken and add a message to the same. Timeline videos are perfect birthday gifts because you get to revisit so many memories that had…


Unique Ways to Wish Happy Birthday on Facebook

You know the most unimaginative thing on Facebook in this modern world? Posting Happy Birthday on someone’s Facebook wall. It’s a birth anniversary of your friend, and people (not you, People!) can’t even come up with single witty sentence or other ways to say happy birthday? Well, not anymore. Do you believe we should all aspire to change the world in our own ways? This is my teeny-tiny effort to…