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Timeline Birthday Video

Tips to Make Perfect Timeline Birthday Video

Timelines are a great way to mark milestones and what occasion is better to relive those memories than on your loved one’s birthday. Timeline Birthdays videos are just as the name suggests – you create a video in sequential order as to when the picture was taken and add a message to the same. Timeline videos are perfect birthday gifts because you get to revisit so many memories that had…

Happy Birthday video for daughter

Birthday Video for Daughter

Daddy’s favorite girl and mom’s best friend. How do you plan to make her birthday special? Whether she’s a 5-year old or 16, other than the increase in attitude, she’s always so special. And more often than not, she deserves and needs more from the parents. The patriarchal society doesn’t exactly make her life easy. While you/we can’t really control the time or how the world behaves, one thing you…

Happy Birthday video for girlfriend

Birthday Video for Girlfriend

You could get her some jewelry, a fancy dress, or even a car for her birthday, and a week down the line she might still complain about you not being emotionally expressive enough. That is too true, isn’t it? Well, part of the problem here is you not being expressive enough (maybe), or just maybe, her expectations have been skyrocketed by that random couple who decided to make a video…

birthday-gift ideas for-aquarius-man

Birthday Gift Ideas for Aquarius Men

Aquarian are generally known for their high intelligence and smart wit. They are easy to be around with and if you feel like you have so much in common with your aquarius, it’s usually the other way around. Aquarius only choose to spend time with like minded people. Aquarian are known to be critical thinkers and quite unconventional. However, choosing birthday gifts for them isn’t that difficult. Still, Aquarian prefer…