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When to use Picovico Stories?

Stories are basically famous in social networking sites. We know Snapchat stories, Instagram stories, Facebook stories and so on. But what actually are these stories? Merely a reference to what we’ve been doing in our everyday life? Yes, exactly! This is where Picovico thought of coming up with video stories for its users. Everyday, something new is happening in each of our lives; like, a new life is born to…

What is ‘Picovico Stories’ and how to start one?

Isn’t everything in life easier when you have a preset base to work with? Stories – is our attempt to simplify your video-making journey at Picovico. Picovico Stories provide you with a pre-defined video templates. The idea behind Picovico Stories developed when we received several queries that read “Can we create a video same like the one in the sample?” That’s when we decided to go for a template approach…

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Birthday Invitation Video: Let’s invite them in style!

Birthdays are always special, be it yours or your loved ones. It is a time of the year when we receive good vibes and blessings from loved ones with hopes to spend the following year in bliss. Birthdays are also celebrated to bestow thankful regards to all those good things in our lives, including friends and family. And if you are planning to throw an amazing birthday party, you cannot…