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How to create 1st birthday invitation video?

A year of screaming, kicking, pooping, crying and sleeping has gone by quicker than you thought didn’t it? Your baby is now a year old and you want nothing more than to celebrate the day your little angel entered your lives. A party is in order, you need to think of a theme and plan the party, the decorations and the send out invites to all the guests you have…

birthday invitation video

Birthday Invitation Video: Let’s invite them in style!

Birthdays are always special, be it yours or your loved ones. It is a time of the year when we receive good vibes and blessings from loved ones with hopes to spend the following year in bliss. Birthdays are also celebrated to bestow thankful regards to all those good things in our lives, including friends and family. And if you are planning to throw an amazing birthday party, you cannot…